We had such a good time celebrating our Passage success last year at the Crosbie’s’ house that we asked to go back this year.  Winnie and Scott Crosbies said yes!  So on another sunny morning in May we gathered at the Crosbies’ again.  Even though it was chilly and slightly windy, many children still preferred to be outside.   It was fun to see our young volunteers bringing their children along to celebrate another success at Passage.  They represent the future for humanity as well as for CHF!  

As before, Winnie and Jane, her twin sister, were in charge of the grill, turning out BBQ chicken wings and ribs, all eagerly consumed by our hungry volunteers.  Members of the Passage Committee brought many supporting dishes, notably Gary Lee and his cellophane noodles and napa cabbage dish, Margaret Wong and Yin Simpson and their scrumptious salads.

This picnic has now become a tradition of Passage, a time for all our busy volunteers to kick back and just relax and get to know each other. Amidst all the conversations and goings on, the Crosbie’s cat, looked on approvingly.