Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends (CHF Friends), a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, was created for the purposes of planning and carrying out activities/events according to the mission of the Chinese Heritage Foundation (CHF). CHF Friends raises the funds necessary to carry out these activities. It also manages incidental non-charitable expenses of the Foundation such as mailings, printing of brochures and stationery, etc.

CHF Friends consists of a volunteer board of directors. Committees are created as needs arise. Currently there are two Committees: Calligraphy and Passage Committees.

The Calligraphy Committee accepts invitations to visit schools, corporations, and multicultural festivals. Its activities include name translations; lectures on topics such as popular Chinese festivals and evolution of Chinese characters; and, on occasion, fortune telling.

The Passage Committee is responsible for putting on our signature event, A Passage to China.

CHF Friends Board of Directors

Ken Lau, treasurer
Yin Simpson
Pearl Bergad, executive director
Margaret Wong
Ming Li Tchou, ex officio

chff 12 20140111 1273332981 Ken Lau

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