Bill Wading presents "All the Tea in China"

2017 Open House

2017 CHF Open House


17openhouse 1 20171101 1365840692As is customary, CHF holds its open house on a bright crisp Sunday morning on October 22.

The Gramcery party room was decorated, under the watchful eye of Yin Simpson, into a welcoming warm space. The buffet lunch, again under Yin’s careful supervision, consisted of fresh salmon, duck, tofu, Chinese vegetables and mushrooms, tea leaf eggs, etc., and offered everyone an irresistible chance to enjoy good food and good company at the same time.

At 1 PM M.C. Margaret Wong called our meeting to order. She introduced our three CHF Fellows in History and each of them, Eric Becklin, Kan Li, and Tianxiao Zhu, spoke about their research and expressed their appreciation of the opportunity our Fellows

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hip has given them. Margaret then mentioned the Jixi Exhibit at the Weisman Museum where CHF underwrote a special guided tour for Chinese language school students. She then introduced playwright Jessica Huang who talked about the CHF Day at the HistoryTheatre during the run of her play, Paper Dreams of Harry Chin.

Pearl Bergad then gave a report on the many premieres of our Dream of the Red Chamber Opera Project: world premiere in San Francisco a year ago, Asia premiere in Hong Kong in March of this year, and China premiere in Beijing a month ago. Or particular interest is the role the opera has assumed in advancing US China Cultural Dialogue. More detailed reports are available elsewhere on this website.

Interim Chair Ken Lau then introduced new board members and talked about future possibilities that were under current discussion. The meeting ended with a spirited auction of a wonderful painting donated by Rudy and Judy Johnson. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Please visit Photo Gallery for CHF Day at History Theatre, Jixi Exhibit, and open house.








2017 Chinese New Year Celebration

2017 Chinese New Year Celebration at Mall of America

cny moa 3 20171101 1568245832On January 28, 2017 CHF Friends joined many area Chinese organizations, among them Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM) and Minnesota International Chinese School (MICS), and Mall of America (MOA) in presenting a large scale Chinese New Year celebration at the MOA. A bamboo orchestra came from China to celebrate the happy occasion in the Rotunda. A large crowd gathered throughout all the floors of the Rotuda to watch the orchestra and many other cultural entertainments by many Chinese organizations.

CHF Friends took over the new Atrium in the north wing of the MOA and organized many local organizations to present over 40 hands-on activities for children and adults. The lion dance, always presented by the David Fong Lions Team, was always a beloved and entertaining opening event. For this occasion, MOA pioneered a new system to hang large Chinese lanterns from the ceiling.

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Sears Court was filled with food venders from different regions of China and crowds enjoyed the fun opportunity to sample different foods in one location. This expanded daylong celebration drew a record crowd to the Mall on one of the coldest days in a Minnesota winter.

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2015 Passage Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

We had such a good time celebrating our Passage success last year at the Crosbie’s’ house that we asked to go back this year.  Winnie and Scott Crosbies said yes!  So on another sunny morning in May we gathered at the Crosbies’ again.  Even though it was chilly and slightly windy, many children still preferred to be outside.   It was fun to see our young volunteers bringing their children along to celebrate another success at Passage.  They represent the future for humanity as well as for CHF!  

As before, Winnie and Jane, her twin sister, were in charge of the grill, turning out BBQ chicken wings and ribs, all eagerly consumed by our hungry volunteers.  Members of the Passage Committee brought many supporting dishes, notably Gary Lee and his cellophane noodles and napa cabbage dish, Margaret Wong and Yin Simpson and their scrumptious salads.

This picnic has now become a tradition of Passage, a time for all our busy volunteers to kick back and just relax and get to know each other. Amidst all the conversations and goings on, the Crosbie’s cat, looked on approvingly.

2017 Events

2017 has been another exciting year for CHF.   We traveled to Hong Kong to attend the Asia premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber, as well as to Beijing to attend the China premiere of Dream.   The role that our Dream opera has assumed in U.S. China Cultural Dialogue has been overwhelming!!  Do read more below.


2017 Chinese New Year Celebration


2017 Open House



2014 Young Volunteers Camp

In July four fabulous Chinese American tweens and teens converged at Pearl Bergad’s house for three days of volunteering.  Zoe, Lydia and Anna Suiter, adopted from different regions of China by Bunny and Pat Suiter, were joined by Summer Ahern, a veteran CHF volunteer, to get CHF 14youthvolunteerscamp 13 20150820 1114654392caught up on a lot of loose responsibilities, as well as honing their cooking skills.  

Lydia and Anna, tweens, were enthralled with making bookmarks for the Calligraphy Team.  Given precut multicolored paper bookmarks, they punched holes and then tied different colored ribbons on them.  Seemingly endless combinations of paper and ribbon colors kept them pre-occupied, while Zoe and Summer, teenagers and budding computer nerds, took charge of the CHF mailing list.  They combined various lists accumulated over the last several years and produced a master list that had been needed for some time.

14youthvolunteerscamp 2 20150820 1251949965In between their volunteering duties, the girls learned to cook Chinese lunches and dinners.  Hong Lin, a master dumpling maker, took charge one noon and guided them through the secrets of making a perfect dumping.  Catherine Wong, a superb Cantonese cook, took everyone through the making of 6 different dishes.  The best part was, of course, the eating afterwards, which everyone did with gusto!

The lazy afternoons were best for the beaches.  The girls went over to the nearby Nokomis Beach and dipped their toes in the water.  They also enjoyed a nature walk at Minnehaha Falls with expert guide Bob Bergad.

For one of the three days, the girls were joined by Chris Li, nephew of Bingwen Yan.  Only 10 years old, he was already a veteran Passage volunteer.

Everyone had a great time and was energized to volunteer for Passage the next year!