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2008 Chinese NewYear Celebration

February 16, 2008

2008-1 17 20131107 1224798434How to celebrate a tradition and embrace the new at the same time? For CHF, the answer lay in mixing the two in an eclectic array of real traditional practices and simulated fun: roasted suckling pig and fresh vegetables poached to retain maximum nutrients and texture; fortune telling and a speed getting-to-know-you game; and bowing respectfully to elders and celebrating the young in a mock firecrackers game.

The event, at the Gramercy Park party room, drew a capacity crowd2008-1 33 20131107 1606749638 consisting of both CHF members and newcomers. There was a lot of chatting going on as newcomers got acquainted with each other and old members renewed their friendships of old. The food, prepared jointly under the careful supervision of Yin Simpson and Bob Bergad, was a hit, pleasing to the eye and enticing to the palette. One member commented, 'I have never eaten so well and so healthy!' Bob's ginger cookies flew off the platter in record time. He could have made twice as many and have none left over.

2008-1 31 20131107 1957153362Ming Tchou, our president, delighted in the hugs she received from the children and single, young adults who came to greet her and to receive their hong bao. Margaret Wong led everyone through a game of fun facts about Chinese New Year and introduced our Emperor and Empress of the evening, George Maverick and Cindy Bai. Clad in hand made imperial robes, they were joined by Dr. & Mrs. C. C. Hsiao and Dr. & Mrs. Sping Lin, also dressed in traditional finery, nd together they bestowed their blessings on us common folk on this auspicious occasion. The evening's festivities were capped by the young and old setting off firecrackers together: only this time popping balloons took the place of real firecrackers. Judging by the sound and excitement created, who would have known the difference?

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A Passage to China 2008

May 17, 2008

CHF presented the first A Passage to China at Southdale Mall. Read about the excitement generated by this community wide event here.

2007 100 Men's Wife

CHF Day at the History Theatre: 100 Men's Wife World Premiere Performance

January 21, 2007

2007-1 12 20131107 1545228858On January 21, 2007, CHF mobilized the Chinese community to attend the premiere weekend performance of 100 Men's Wife at the History Theatre in St. Paul. Funded by a grant from CHF, this play celebrates the life of Liang, the first Chinese woman immigrant to Minnesota. Working with many Chinese organizations in town, we drew over 200 attendees from all segments of our community. They came from Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan organizations, and they came from the restaurants community as well as academia. Liang May Seen's granddaughter, Barbara Woo-Wong Bjornaas, and her sons flew in for the occasion from Lacey, Washington. Many local members of their extended families also were in attendance.

The well-written script by Jeany Park, highlighting both the tragedies and ultimate triumphs in 2007-1 11 20131107 1369075210Liang May Seen's life, aided by the deeply felt performances of all the principals involved, moved many to tears. After the performance, a sumptuous reception, created by Yin Simpson with the cooperation of volunteers from many organizations, awaited everyone in the Theatre lobby. Amid all the delicious and inviting finger foods, many greeted old friends while others formed new friendships. The festive atmosphere was a wonderful wrap up of a major granting activity of CHF.


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2008 Open House

October 19, 2008

08 openhouse 4 20131220 1112443552Our Foundation celebrated four years of grant making and outreach cultural activities with an afternoon open house at the Gramercy Park party room in Richfield on October 19. Several award recipients, including Arts Midwest, Patrick Henry High School and artist Tacoumba Aikens recapped highlights of their award activities.

Zhiguo Ye, a recipient of the Foundation's Fellowship in WWII in East Asia at the Department of History of the University of Minnesota also reported on the progress of her doctoral research. Greg Hugh, of China Insight, revisited the highly successful communitywide event, A Passage to China, that was a collaboration between China Insight and our Foundation. Yin Simpson talked about the many outreach activities of the Foundation's calligraphy team; and Pearl Bergad gave a summary of President Bush's speech on volunteering that she attended at the White House last month.

08 open house 6 20131220 1876139029Fred and Jennie Hsiao were on hand to receive the Chinese Minnesotan of Note Award that our Foundation had bestowed on Fred (give reference to article in China Insight. Sandra Vargas, president and CEO of The Minneapolis Foundation, praised us for our multifaceted activities, both in the Twin Cities and elsewhere in Minnesota. TeaSource, a longtime and steadfast supporter, provided delicious teas to complement the many savory treats, some prepared by 94-year-old member Moon Fong, served.    

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2007 Chinese NewYear Celebration

March 3, 2007

2007-3 6 20131107 1041336386On March 3rd the CHF launched a new initiative to encourage networking among young Chinese Americans by hosting a Chinese New Year celebration at Jun Bo Restaurant. Responding to a desire among young Chinese Americans to reconnect with their heritage, especially now that they are becoming parents, CHF plans to host informal events around significant holidays on the Chinese calendar. These events will be part networking, part culinary tour, and part educational. At the same time these events will also serve as opportunities to promote cross-cultural understanding and will be open to anyone interested.

The kick off event was the March 3rd celebration of Chinese New Year. Co-chaired by Ida Lano and Norton Lam, the event drew a nice crowd that was approximately 50% Chinese and 50% Caucasian. The evening began with a sumptuous banquet featuring a menu carefully selected by CHF president Ming Tchou. It was followed by an interactive program led by Margaret Wong on the customs and practices during Chinese New Year. Anyone who correctly answered a question posed by Wong, or who voluntarily cited a prevailing custom, won an opportunity to select a door prize from among dozens of Chinese gifts contributed by members. Along the way everyone learned the importance of homonyms in the Chinese language: lotus seeds thus become a fertility symbol, tangerines become a symbol for wealth and good fortune, and a whole fish becomes a symbol of plenty. The oft-heard exclamation during the evening was, 'I didn't know that!'

Another consensus from the evening was an appreciation of the art of menu planning. Food is deeply intertwined in many aspects of Chinese culture; and the elevation of the mundane to the2007-3 10 20131107 1487548025 sublime is an experience to remember. With an expert resident guide in Ming Tchou, how to eat well (and staying within a reasonable budget) definitely will be a focus in future events.

One more surprise from the evening was the realization that while the worldwide web can provide practically all information on all subjects, having pertinent information available in a concise format about common Chinese customs and festivals cannot yet be found. CHF will look into providing this information on its website in the future.

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