Bill Wading presents "All the Tea in China"

2006 Members' Meeting

February 9, 2006

2006-4 1 20131107 1203542615The second annual members' meeting was held on the 12th day of the Chinese New Year of 4703 at The Minneapolis Foundation.

A surprise afternoon snowstorm snarled traffic coming into downtown Minneapolis and derailed the plans of several members who had planned on attending. Emmett Carson, president of The Minneapolis Foundation, welcomed the 10 stalwart members who had braved the storm and arrived safe and sound. He congratulated us on having finished a strong inaugural year and, after treating himself to several gingko nuts, wished us an equally long and productive life. Ming Tchou, our own founder, pronounced her satisfaction on our progress, and looked forward to the continuing process of evaluating the past and chartering our course for the future.

Among the grant awards given over the last 14 months, the most notable was the establishment of an endowed graduate fellowship at the University of Minnesota to study the history of WWII in China. Housed in the History Department, recipients of this fellowship will study the history leading up to the War, the War itself, and its effects after 1945.

New initiatives in the coming year will include the beginning of a compilation of Chinese Minnesotans of Note, Philanthropy among the Second Generation, and the needs of Chinese adoptees in the state. Please watch these pages for more information and announcements.

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2006 Open House

October 15, 2006

2006-2 11 20131107 1778211978On October 15, 2006 CHF held its second annual open house. We welcomed many loyal members as well as interested newcomers. In addition to the many delectable hors douververs, members enjoyed the tea tasting presented by TeaSource of St. Paul. Owner Bill Waddington was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide to the many varieties of teas he brought with him. Younger members were particularly drawn in by his animated anecdotes about his frequent collecting trips to China.

The photo displays and press notices of our second yearâ€(tm)s activities also drew much interest. Hearing grant recipients describing the wide-ranging natures of their works added to the scope and significance of our Foundationâ€(tm)s grant making. Mrcus Young spoke about his painting at the Walker Art Center, and Evelyn Lee spoke about the increasingly popular Dragon Festival at Lake Phalen in St. Paul. Playwright Jeany Park spoke about her upcoming play, 100 Menâ€(tm)s Wife, at the History Theatre. Dr. Eric Weitz and Dr. Christopher Issett (in Chinese) from the History Department at the University of Minnesota spoke about the importance and long-term impact of the newly created CHF Fellowship in WWII in East Asia.

To cap off a full afternoon, we launched our new program, Chinese Minnesotan of Note, and2006-2 14 20131107 1235428986 announced our first honoree, dancer and choreographer Shen Pei. Shen spoke movingly about her 12 years in Minnesota, what it had meant to her artistically, and the new frontiers she is looking forward to in retirement.



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2005 Aaron Lam Party

2005-1 5 20131107 1222612172One-Month-Old Party for Aaron LamApril 10, 2005 Founder Ming Tchou threw a traditional one-month-old party for the latest addition to the CHF family. Aaron Lam, son of Norton Lam, was born on Feb 23, 2005, the date of the First Annual Members meeting. A sumptuous lunch that included the traditional ginger soup and red-dyed eggs was served. All the seniors attending showered little Aaron with "hong bao", the traditional monetary gift in a red envelope. The afternoon was capped by Aaron presiding over his first celebratory cake, with his sister Rose doing the honors of serving everyone.



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2005 Members' Meeting

2005-2 1 20131107 1375964631February 23, 2005 The First Annual Members Meeting was held on the 15th day of the first lunar month of Chinese year 4702 at The Minneapolis Foundation offices. After welcome remarks by Emmett Carson, president of The Minneapolis Foundation, reports were given by Dan Berg, Ming Tchou, Pearl Bergad and Norton Lam on fundraising goals and results, activities recently funded by CHF and website development. Over delectable hors d'oevres members enjoyed greeting and getting to know each other better.This event was underwritten by The Minneapolis Foundation.


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2005 Open House

First Annual Open House

October 16, 2005

On Sunday October 16, 2005 our Foundation held its first annual open house. On a beautiful sunny afternoon 60 members and visitors came to Gramercy Park to celebrate our first birthday. They perused our many press notices, colorful photographs of projects that we have funded, and informational pages from our website. They also inspected the many CHF t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale and did some early holiday shopping.

Then they enjoyed a buffet lunch beautifully prepared by Moon Fong, Yin Simpson and Bob Bergad. There were shrimp cocktail, spinach balls, potato bites, Chinese tsaotze and taro cake. For a chaser there were fresh fruit, ginger cookies and cream puffs.A brief program followed. Founder Ming Tchou was effusive in her delight that the Foundation has begun with such an auspicious start--commissioning music, supporting education and festivals. She was grateful for a dedicated and productive advisory committee (Pearl Bergad, Margaret Wong, Yin Simpson, and Norton Lam), an energetic and inventive webmaster (Norton Lam), and a thoughtful and resourceful advisor (Dan Berg). She earnestly invited everyone to join in making CHF a force in our community.

Dan Berg, Senior Asset Development Officer from The Minneapolis Foundation, spoke next. He described the many options in giving that were available and offered to meet with interested donors. Emcee, Margaret Wong, followed by describing the awards we had given in the last year and invited Dr. Karle Erickson from the World Voices of Minnesota to speak. Karle spoke eloquently of the wonderful choral work, Four Seasons, that CHF had commissioned internationally acclaimed Chinese composer Zhou Long to write for his chorus and the enthusiastic reception the work received at its world premiere. Karle was passionate in pursuing his Chorus's goal to tear down barriers among different countries around the world, and to encourage everyone to think outside the box and with a global perspective. He mentioned that his Chorus has already recorded Four Seasons and will be sending the recording to high schools around the state and encouraging them to add it to their repertoire.

Mark Tang from the Dragon Festival also spoke. He talked about the wonderful success of this year's festival, the increase in the number of boats in the dragon boat race to 21, and the number of people who attended went up to 7,000. The Festival has been a great collaboration among all Asian arts organizations. For more information on our grant awards, please visit the Current and Past Awards page. The atmosphere at our open house was festive and celebratory. Everyone was pleased to be there and we look forward to a bigger membership and attendance and more activities at our open house next year. Stay tuned!