Graduate Fellowship on WW II in East Asia at the University of Minnesota

A Graduate Fellowship in the Department of History was created in 2006 at the University of Minnesota by the Dr. M. F. Tchou Memorial Fund and the Choi-Chiu and King-Wo Lam Family Fund of the Chinese Heritage Foundation. Together with a match from the University's 21st Century Graduate Fellowship Endowment, funds will support one or more full-time graduate students each year beginning in September.

This Fellowship is created especially for the study of WWII in China, a turbulent period in Chinese history. "I look forward to our Foundation contributing to Minnesotan's understanding of Chinese history. We will work hard to improve and deepen our knowledge of each other and build mutual understanding," said Ming Tchou, founder and president of the Chinese Heritage Foundation.

"The College of Liberal Arts is committed to helping students discover history's intersection with culture, politics, art and more. This fellowship created in partnership with the Chinese Heritage Foundation will foster that research, and we are grateful for the Foundation's support," said Steven Rosenstone, dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

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