The Art of Eating Well
September 29, 2007

At our Midautumn Festival Celebration this year CHF began an occasional series of “Eating Well” dinners at Jun Bo Restaurant. While it is fairly easy to eat well in a Chinese restaurant, it is not always easy to learn the finer discriminating points that make a dish special. Kee Lo, owner of Jun Bo, agreed to share some of the secrets about dishes at his restaurant and to assist us in designing some reasonably priced, yet great tasting, dinners.
Some 30 CHF members and newcomers gathered at Jun Bo on September 29. After a convivial interchange on the midautumn festival traditions with Margaret Wong, everyone proceeded to enjoy a dinner specially designed by Kee. Among the highlights were stirred fried bean sprouts (a difficult preparation whereby the sprouts must retain both a firm texture and a delicate taste) and deep fried fillet of sole (how to keep the crispy coating on the fillets pale yellow for visual appeal?) Enticing clues from Kee piqued everyone’s desire to return for more dinners and engaging ideas!

The evening was capped by the month-old celebration of CHF’s second baby (the first was Aaron, son of Norton and Krispen Lam in 2005). Jeremy Li, son of Hongqiao Li and Liwei Song, traveled from Rochester for this milestone in his young life. Everyone showered him with good wishes in the form of hong bao, and shared the special ginger and pork soup that Ming Tchou had prepared in his honor. Coupled with special mooncakes from Chinatown in New York City, everyone had a satisfying finish to a dinner to remember.