Individuals and families who have contributed $1000 or more become lifetime Founding Donors of the Chinese Heritage Foundation. All founding donors, as is true of all annual donors who have given more than $100, are eligible to serve on the Foundation’s Advisory Committee and each has voting privileges to elect the committee for the following year.  Donations from Corporations, honorary members, and donors who have given in honor/memory of someone are not included in that list.

Anonymous Matching Gifts Program (2011)
The Benevity Impact Fund, A Fund of American Endowment Foundation (2016)
Robert and Pearl Lam Bergad (2004),Choi-Chiu and King-Wo Lam Family Fund
Angela Brain and Aaron Lam Bergad (2009)
Corey Lam Bergad (2011)
Best Buy Co. Inc. (2013)
Richard and Gail Chang Bohr (2015)
Paul Winter and Dr. Lian Chang (2015)
Dr. Zongyu John Chen and Dr. Qing Jean Yao (2009)
Kathy and Simon Cheng (2015)
Herminia Florido (2016)
Chinese Heritage Foundation Friends (2010)
C. I. A. C. Travel Inc. (2013)
Bruce* and Ruth* Dayton (2007)
William and Mary Ferrell (honorary 2014)
Moon Fong* (2010)
David and Helen Fong (2014)
Margaret Wong and N. Walter Graff (2004)
Pingzhe Han (honorary 2014)
John and Yvonne Ho (2004), Lotus Fund
Jack and Linda Hoeschler (2015)
Dr. C.C.* and Mrs. Joyce Hsiao (2004), Friendship University Foundation Fund
Oliver and Jill Huang (2007)
Greg and Linda Hugh (2010)
Suet Bik Hui (2011)
John and Ruth Huss (2015)
Robert and Patricia Jacobsen (2018)
Paul Kwok (2014)
David Dewey and Addy Lam (2015)
Paul and Patricia Loo Lam (2015)
Amalia Lam (2009)
David*and Joyce* Lam (2010)
Luke, Norton and Vincent Lam (2004), Sylvia Ho-Ling Hui Lam Memorial Fund
Ida Lano (2009)
Kenneth K. Lau (2012)
Gary and Michelle Lee (2015)
Hongxin Li and Hongqiao Li, (2007), Li Family Fund
Wen Li (2015)
Dr. Sping* and Mrs. Ying Ngo* Lin (2005)
Peter* and Katy Lee (2004)
LKT Laboratories, Inc. (2007)
Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Helen* Liu (2014)
Sing and S. K. Lo (2005)
Vincent and Lena Mae* Mar (2015)
Laurene and Chuck McClain (2019)
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program (2013)
Larry and LaVerne Nakashima (2015)
Dr. Sam and Virginia Ng (2004)
Chieh Jack Ouyang (2021)
Stephanie Pomonis (2010)
Delin Qu (2009)
Shauna Li Roolvink (2006)
Mei Ling Sander (2015)
Yin and Scott Simpson (2005)
Eugene C.* and Gail V. Sit (2005)
Queen Swenson (2015)
Ming L. Tchou (2004), Dr. M. F. Tchou Memorial Fund
Kaimay Yuen Terry (2004)
The Minneapolis Foundation Matching Program
Wendy Tai and John Ullmann (2015)
Sonja and James Tilbury (2015)
Dr. Rudy S. H. Tsai* ((2004)
Dr. Steve Tsai (2009)
Rev. Stephen and Serena Tsui (2004)
U.S. China People’s Friendship Association, MN Chapter (2015)
Dr. Walter & Mary Warpeha (2012)
Anne Waltner (2015)
RueyYun Chern and Chiu-Ping Wong (2015)
Albert Yu (2008), in memory of Eugene Sit
Dr. Wen Yue* (2006)