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Cindy Bai

We are blessed with a dedicated corps of photographers who are absolutely tireless in taking photographs at all our events.  You will therefore find that our website is studded with gorgeous photos.  They are the next best thing to being there.  From sumptuous foods to elegant decorations to engaging conversations, our events strive to convey a sense of community and good will towards all.

Do visit our Photo Galleries to see their great work, and then come to our next event!

Our sincere thank you to all our photographers:


Carrie Davis, The Marsh
Scott Simpson
Walter Graff
Jejun He
John Ho
Angela Brain
Will Ahern
Linda Mealy-Lohman
Cindy Bai
Luke Lam
Robert Bergad
Paul Hsu
Patrick McKinney
Cindy Le
Steve Fong
Mandy Fang
Paul Chen