The Chinese Heritage Foundation warmly welcomes your donation of your precious gift of time.  

We need help with many regular Foundation events, such as A Passage to China at Mall of America, outreach, membership development, fundraising, and other functions.  Please contact us at [email protected] about current opportunities; or call us at 612.722.4895.

Knowing the importance of this rare gift, we regularly recognize those individuals who have given us an extraordinary measure of their time and talent with our Volunteer of the Year award.

Some opportunities are listed below.

A Passage to China — this is our annual signature outreach festival that takes place at Mall of America every April.  It is an enormous undertaking involving over 50 participating organizations and an audience attendance of around 15,000.  Behind this successful festival is an army of enthusiastic volunteers who work together for a seamless operation.  We will showcase your skills and expertise, be they cooking, tai chi, brush painting, calligraphy, or modeling. You will have fun, getting to know us and meeting new friends, all in the rewarding process of reaching out to engage our wide audience in mutual courtesy and understanding.  So come and be part of our winning team!

Dream of the Red Chamber Opera Project — our Foundation recently launched a project to commission a new, contemporary opera, to be sung in English, to be premiered by the San Francisco Opera in the fall of 2016.  Come join us, on the ground floor, to bring this exciting project to reality!

Annual Open House — Join us to celebrate our achievements for the year: send out invitations and follow up on responses, develop and carry out event logistics, serve as hosts/hostesses at the event, and follow up on interested attendees.

Calligraphy Committee — Are you good at name translation and/or Chinese calligraphy? Or perhaps fortune telling? Come with us as we visit schools, corporations, and festivals throughout the year and join in the fun!

Membership Development — Help increase public awareness of our Foundation and attract new members and/or grant applicants. Help us identify and contact potential members/donors, keep them informed of our upcoming activities and encourage philanthropy in our community.

New Program Development — We welcome your creative ideas about new, innovative programs with which to engage our public. If you would like to form a group around a specific interest or concern, please contact us and we will respond.