August 9, 2009

2009-5 3 20131107 1410837756It was five years ago at Ming Tchou’s birthday party that she announced the creation of the Chinese Heritage Foundation. It has been an eventful five years since then for everyone at CHF. To mark Ming’s continuing commitment to CHF, several friends got together to throw a surprise birthday party for her. She arrived at the home of Ida Lano on August 9, expecting an intimate Sunday supper with four friends. Instead she was greeted by a chorus of approximately 30 friends hollering, ‘Surprise!!’

Ming was thrilled to see so many good friends gathered to help her celebrate her special day. There were many delicious dishes contributed by everyone: poached salmon, sesame peanut noodle, pot stickers, Buddha’s delights, gluten vegetables, eight-precious longevity noodles, eight-precious rice pudding, stuffed glutinous rice balls, roasted suckling pig, cookies, and a luscious fresh cream mango birthday cake. Everyone had a marvelous time.

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