2018 CHF Open House

On a sunny afternoon on October 28 CHF presented its 14th annual open house to a capacity audience. There was a festive feeling of celebration in the air as family members and long time friends of our honoree this year, David Fong, greeted him as he arrived with his wife Helen. There were big smiles all around and much excited chatter as everyone greeted each other and made his/her way through our scrumptious buffet table, prepared under the scrupulous eye of our in-house gourmand, Yin Simpson. Everyone enjoyed the smoked salmon, ham roast, asparagus, pea pods, tealeaf eggs, fresh fruit salad, almond and pine nut cookies, and cream puffs. Many went back for seconds!

During tea and cookies Margaret Wong began our program. There were introductions of our CHF history fellows at the University of Minnesota, as well as reports from the History Theatre by Paul de Cordova on the initiation of theatre classes at YuCai Chinese Language School, CHF Day at Theatre Mu by Randy Reyes, publication of Chinese-ness by Wing Young Huei by the MN History Center by Sherri Gebert Fuller. There was also a presentation of a song from the cycle Longing for Home, written by composer Carol Barnett based on poems of Bea Liu. The song was sung by mezzo-soprano Clasa Osowsky to enthusiastic applause.

Then Pearl Bergad introduced David Fong, our 2018 Chinese Minnesotan of Note, tracing his eventful life from Taishan, China to the Twin Cities. His legendary generosity, to both the Chinese community and the city of Bloomington, led to the proclamation of October 27, 2008 as David and Helen Fong Day in Bloomington. In his acceptance speech David reminded us of the age-old Chinese proverb: [? ???]. When you drink water, you must remember its source. It is the dictum by which he has lived his life.

CHF honors David for his abundant humanity, good cheer, generous and hospitable nature, quiet philanthropy, abiding love and devotion to Chinese traditions, family and friends.

Last but not least, CHF honored its longtime volunteer, Will Ahern. Will has been with CHF almost since its beginning, and has been the mastermind behind all our digital capabilities. Will always brought along his daughter Summer whose frequent volunteering for us has inspired us to create our popular Young Volunteers Program.

As our program ended our attendees left with a spring in their steps, happy to have witnessed so much goodness in our community.


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