2017 CHF Open House


17openhouse 1 20171101 1365840692As is customary, CHF holds its open house on a bright crisp Sunday morning on October 22.

The Gramcery party room was decorated, under the watchful eye of Yin Simpson, into a welcoming warm space. The buffet lunch, again under Yin’s careful supervision, consisted of fresh salmon, duck, tofu, Chinese vegetables and mushrooms, tea leaf eggs, etc., and offered everyone an irresistible chance to enjoy good food and good company at the same time.

At 1 PM M.C. Margaret Wong called our meeting to order. She introduced our three CHF Fellows in History and each of them, Eric Becklin, Kan Li, and Tianxiao Zhu, spoke about their research and expressed their appreciation of the opportunity our Fellows

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hip has given them. Margaret then mentioned the Jixi Exhibit at the Weisman Museum where CHF underwrote a special guided tour for Chinese language school students. She then introduced playwright Jessica Huang who talked about the CHF Day at the HistoryTheatre during the run of her play, Paper Dreams of Harry Chin.

Pearl Bergad then gave a report on the many premieres of our Dream of the Red Chamber Opera Project: world premiere in San Francisco a year ago, Asia premiere in Hong Kong in March of this year, and China premiere in Beijing a month ago. Or particular interest is the role the opera has assumed in advancing US China Cultural Dialogue. More detailed reports are available elsewhere on this website.

Interim Chair Ken Lau then introduced new board members and talked about future possibilities that were under current discussion. The meeting ended with a spirited auction of a wonderful painting donated by Rudy and Judy Johnson. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Please visit Photo Gallery for CHF Day at History Theatre, Jixi Exhibit, and open house.